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Every certain time a revolution happens.
Is time for the Light Revolution
Dragon O is independent range pf product. Rain is linked to moonwalkers , eyes etc


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Sonar+D Is A Blast And Here’s Why

Sonar+D 2019 is awesome.

No, not because it features our beloved Dragon O (at least not entirely).

It’s just that Sonar is one of those very special events that holds a very dear place in our team’s heart. It always has, and judging from how the event has matured or - dare we say it – blossomed over the past 7 years, it always will. To us, the only difference is that we are among the amazing attendants, not the guests with their jaws dropped this time.



Networking galore

Sonar+D has grown into an impressive networking hub that blends a wide array of creative individuals from all over the world.

With 2,000 companies, 5,000 guests, and experts from a total of 60 countries attending the 7th Sonar+D, the numbers speak for themselves.

It’s not just about the host talks, exhibitions, installations, and workshops though.

Every festival or conference has those. Most also have a common theme. Comic-Con is about the fandom, E3 is about video games, SXSW is about art.

Sonar doesn't.

Not that it makes Sonar better than any of these truly spectacular events, but it definitely makes it… different?

Think about it: How many festivals nowadays unite techies, gamers, music fans, artists, investors and entrepreneurs under the same roof while blending the worlds of innovation and creativity into an unforgettable cocktail leaving the delicious flavor of tomorrow in your mouth?

And how many of the ones that do are actually any fun?




Over 9000!

We were always loyal Sonar+D fans here, at LedPulse, but this year we had the honor of peeking at the event from the inside as we present our very own Dragon O.

It’s hard to pinpoint and describe the exact sensation our entire team is feeling right now. Think meeting your favorite movie star in person, getting an autograph, and enjoying a lovely conversation over a couple of beers.

Amazing, right?

Well, little did we know that being a part of the event is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve enjoyed hanging out with the people approaching us, asking questions, and interacting with Dragon O for the first time.

The smiles on their faces… Priceless!