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Every certain time a revolution happens.
Is time for the Light Revolution
Dragon O is independent range pf product. Rain is linked to moonwalkers , eyes etc


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Move to the light!

Introducing Dragon O: Let There Be Light!

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, and it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

King James Bible, the Book of Genesis, Verse 3


Finally, after nearly 5 years of hard work, sleepless nights, and inspiring artistic journeys we are proud to present Dragon O, the pioneer in a new breed of Led-powered technologies.

Dragon O is a three-dimensional, intractable, and programmable LED screen that gives you the power to control light!

Dragon O is not a trick, nor is it an optical illusion of physical presence. It’s a real, vibrant 3D space populated by thousands of pixels powered by the neural LED, and Resolume vj software technologies.

Bring light into darkness

“How is Dragon O different from your other products?”

Those who have followed us know that LedPulse always had an ambiguous vision. To those who are only tuning into the fun today: we bring the power of light to everyone.

Our company started with wearables and accessories for artists, musicians, light shows, or everyone blessed with the spirit of the party and a superb sense of style. We are known for light products that encourage interaction, creativity, and emotion. If you move, there will be light.

Yet something was amiss.

We empowered you to bring forth the light, but we never empowered the light to live, breathe, and interact with you. Light never had a pulse of its own.

Then came Dragon O.

Neural LED

“Wow, Dragon O is awesome. What took you guys so long?”

We get that a lot.

For starters, the world wasn’t ready to look perfection in the eye. We shivered in fear every time it chose to look back at us.

Ok, all jokes aside, making Dragon O wasn’t a walk in the park.

No interaction with Dragon O you’ve seen in the video was scripted. The lights actually react to waves and gestures. You see, the Dragoon has a mind of its own.

We had to rely on complex neural networks as the primary means of designing the architecture for a real-time multi-color controller that reacts to changes and interactions organically.

Challenge accepted.

Our engineers included nonlinear relationships between drive current, junction temperatures, and luminous flux. We’ve worked out LED manufacturing tolerances, potential variations in the spectral responsiveness of our color sensors, and designed linear color space models.

In simpler words, we’ve made a fond little robot [ED: Dragon O is not physical small, but he is quite lovely] whose body is composed of light pixels.

Unleash the Dragon!

“Ok, so you guys build a cool, interactive, three-dimensional area of smart lights. What now?”

Dragon O is more than a space with lights. It is the essence of luminescence in a pretty package.

You have an artistic vision you need to illuminate? Dragon O.

Working on a light show, unlike anything anyone has seen before? Dragon O.

Looking for a DJ’s set to rock the ground from under their feet? Dragon O.

Planning a creative ad campaign on a top tier fashion show where no one has bees surprised for eons? Dragon O.

Interested in any other exhibition or show that can be enhanced with lights (say literally any exhibition or show on the planet)? You get where this is headed…

Don’t be shy. Shoot us a line if you have more questions. We sincerely appreciate every chance to talk about Dragon O!