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Every certain time a revolution happens.
Is time for the Light Revolution
Dragon O is independent range pf product. Rain is linked to moonwalkers , eyes etc


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5 Brightest Cities In The World – The Dargon’s Scratch Map


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Light before all else” – Georges-Eugene Haussmann

The dragon’s wings aren’t just for show. Our goal is to travel the world in a quest to find the most illuminated city and build a nest there. Our duty is to make every step on our journey brighter.

More than anything in the world, we’d love you to accompany us on this fascinating journey.

Where will the light take us?

Shenzhen, China

1,300 invited spectators.

80,000 viewers.

43 illuminate skyscrapers and hundreds of LED screens across a 2,000-square-meter stage.

And that’s just one event of which there are dozens in one of China’s brightest cities – Shenzhen.

What’s even cooler is the fact that Shenzhen has grown from an unremarkable fishing village to the megalopolis it is today in a couple of years. It was established as a city in 1979 and look at it now – 20 million people are admiring the light shows today.  

Shenzhen has grown into the largest manufacturing hub and the richest city in China. The average income here is more than 50% higher than the average in Shanghai or Beijing.

No wonder the Dragon was born in a city where progress is measured in light speed.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the largest European cities undergoing a digital transformation on its way to become smarter. The emphasis on IoT has made it into one of the most progressive and mesmerizing places in the world. Everything from the parking spaces to waste disposal to its own bike system is intertwined and interconnected into an easily accessible network one can operate via a smartphone.

That said, it’s the international sensation that is the Sonar festival, as well as the city’s advancements in LED-based lighting, are what caught the eye of the Dragon.

Speaking of Lighting, there’s a lot to learn from Barcelona’s example as their systems:

  • Reduce the heat produced by traditional lamps through using the superior LED technology
  • Reduce maintenance as the lights last longer and consume less power
  • Positively affect the environment: the smart lights gather data regarding humidity, temperature, noise, pollution, and the presence of people on the streets to adjust themselves accordingly.



Paris, France

Wanna claim the nickname “The City of Lights” for your home town?


  1. Invite Georges-Eugene Haussmann – the man known for his motto “light before all else” – to be your urban planner

  2. Install 20,000 gas lamps

  3. ????

  4. Profit: your hometown is now known as the City of Lights and you’ve got the rest of the world’s capitals in a race to catch up. True story ©

Ok, all jokes aside, Paris isn’t just a “bucket list” city. It’s impacting on the world’s history in general as well as the story of light, in particular, is gargantuan. Take the Lumiere brothers for once. These pioneers have created a technology that transformed light and film into one of the most captivating phenomena and one of the most influential forms of art in the world – Cinématographe.


New York

Ok, if you’ve ever been to New York you may have guessed why the only reason it’s the city that never sleeps is the light from the thousands of spotlights, LEDs, and HIDs.

What’s even cooler is that the Apple’s lights are oh-so unique. The city doesn’t captivate you with shows, technological advancements, or even environment-friendly efficiency for that matter.

NY does something entirely different. In fact, it is probably the only city in the world that shows its soul, its very essence through light.

Every glimpse of neon, every LED screen showing a story of someone settling in, working themselves to the bone, and finally achieving success in a formerly foreign land that has managed to win over their heart and become a new home.



Very similar to New York in its wide array of illuminated advertisements, Tokyo definitely doesn’t share the same conqueror’s spirit. Yes, the lights here are as bright and there’s surely lots and more to see but the local LEDs have something very special about them.

On first glance, they make an impression of a very cluttered pile of advertisements. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that each of literally thousands of screens is placed on its spot with chirurgical precision. They almost give off a Feng Shui vide and – despite the difference in colors and sizes – none outshines the others.


Now it’s your turn. Is your hometown as lit the destinations on the dragons scratch map? Feel free to share some of the coolest photos with us on our official Facebook page with the hashtag #DragonsScratchMap and who knows; maybe your city will become the new nest for our very own Dragon O?